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Aspect Pigment Punch Body - 118ml

While you might think back on a teenagehood and young adulthood spent under the blaring sun, that same golden-hue sometimes doesn't extend to how the skin on your body thinks of those pre-SPF times! If the years are starting to show up as dark spots and age marks on your decolletage, arms, backs of the hand and beyond - Aspect Pigment Punch Body tackles the concerns with the same laser focus as cosmeceutical skin care - but for the body!

Key ingredients 

Tyrostat-11™ (Rumex Occidentalis and L-Ascorbic Acid) - A powerful complex including Vitamin C to help illuminate and even out skin tone.
Bellides™ (Daisy Flower Extract) - Helps to illuminate the appearance of skin.
Lactic Acid - A hydrating AHA that smooths skin texture and brighten the look of dark marks. 
Shea Butter - Delivers and locks in moisture for intense hydration and smooth skin.


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