Lycogel Breathable Tint SPF 30

Lycogel® Breathable Tint

• Breathable camouflage makeup
• Used best post skin revision including Micro Needling, IPL, Laser & Chemical Peels
• Protects longevity of stem cells increases tolerance threshold of over-reactive skin promotes skin repair prevents excessive scar formation loaded with antioxidants
• Reduces trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) Reinforces the skin’s natural defense system and protects skin barrier properties.
• Renews cells stimulates collagen and elastin soothes the skin minimizes lines
• Antibacterial
• Can be used when swimming/outdoor activities
• Can sleep in product
• Durable & long lasting


Breathable Tint

Product size: 30ml  |  SPF 30+


Enjoy this luminous light coverage that gives the skin a healthy dewy glow. Perfect for when you need light coverage and a little brightness to keep you looking radiant throughout the day.

Available in:

• 1 – Fair
• 2 – Medium
• 3 – Caramel
• 4 – Dark



Apply a small amount of product to fingertips and spread evenly on skin (patting in product), best applied straight after moisturising.

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