Dr Charles McKibbin


Medical Doctor 

My passion for science

I have been practicing medicine for nearly 20 years and developed an interest in skin health early in my training at the University of Dundee. My passion for science also led me to intercalate a Molecular and Cellular Biology science degree with my medical studies, giving me skills and insight into the role of active ingredients on the skin at a cellular level.

I was then fortunate to be selected for an in-patient dermatology role as a junior doctor which gave me the opportunity to advance my skills and knowledge in caring for patients with a wide range of skin conditions.

I have continued my education in skin health throughout my career, completing qualifications in Skin Cancer Medicine, Aesthetic Medicine and undertaking a Diploma in General Dermatology.

Early detection is really important

I see patients for skin cancer checks every day, leading to surgical removal of skin cancers such as melanoma in my practice. Early detection is really important to me but my main focus for patients is prevention of solar damage and healthy, happy skin. In most circumstances, this is achievable with cosmetic products like our range of skin care but in the correct circumstances, I prescribe potent pharmaceuticals to get my patients back on track.

I have practiced aesthetic medicine for nearly 10 years, helping me gain an appreciation for what really matters to patients when I talk to them about how their skin looks and feels. SCDr is designed to address these issues.

My extensive clinical exposure to skin conditions has provided me with the tools I needed to craft and create the luxury, medical grade skin care that is SkinCareDoctor. I have been asked for advice on skin care again and again whilst conducting skin checks and aesthetic procedures on my patients and I am delighted to now have a product I can wholeheartedly recommend.