Here at SCDr we believe that long term skin health is achieved using medical grade skincare packed with innovative ingredients and encapsulated formulations, over the counter and safe for long term use. 

However, there are certain skins and conditions that may require the addition of a prescribed medication in the form of a cream for a short period of time, before moving solely onto our medical grade skincare line for maintenance and long term use. On the rare occasion a prescription is required, Dr. Charles McKibbin is here to help via a private Telehealth consult.

Please purchase an online consultation with Sarah. Skin conditions most appropriate for a prescription preparation will be referred to Dr Charlie for Telehealth. The consult purchase covers the fee for a Telehealth consultation.

Following an initial consult with Skin Therapist Sarah, if a medical Telehealth consultation is required, the initial consultation fee can be redeemed against a Telehealth Fee. A Telehealth consultation will be arranged with Dr Charles McKibbin to discuss if prescription medication is appropriate.

This consultation will cover past medical history, allergies, skin history, current medication and a management plan will then be provided. If necessary, a prescription can sent to a local pharmacy for collection by the patient.

All consultations will be conducted in accordance with AHPRA guidelines. A Medicare rebate is not available for this service.