Sarah McKibbin - Founder & Owner of Skincare Doctor Direct

(BSc Hons, B-Tec ND Beauty Therapy, Cert IV TAE)


I am a professionally trained Skin Therapist with over 25 years industry experience, including the training of Australian therapists and nursing assistants. I have been involved in the skin care industry since I was 15 years old when my nurse and skin specialist trained mother opened a clinic in Northern Ireland.

After studying a Diploma in Beauty & Skin Therapy I went on to study a BSc Hons science degree and entered the pharmaceutical industry. This opened my eyes to clinical data and science to create change within the body. 


For the past 7 years I have been so fortunate to have worked with the best cosmeceutical and medical grade skincare companies from around the world, including America, France, Spain, UK and Australia.

I have gained so much experience working with these top brands, I was obsessed with their ingredients, texture, results and most importantly how my clients felt about them. I would develop a bespoke routine for our clinic and online customers based on their individual needs.


I began to get frustrated that not one range supplied all the products we were seeking. As technology and science moved forward, many were not reformulating older products. Large brands would release these in a new individual product for the consumer to add to the ever growing list of serums! I wanted all my clients to have all these amazing ingredients but in a more streamlined, affordable way. This would simplify their routine and also give them more bang for their buck. We had also just come out of the global pandemic where supply chains and freight costs were escalating, resulting in more and more price increases for products with no added benefits, delivery systems and ingredients!

The idea of creating a superior medical grade skincare line, made and manufactured here in Australia was born!